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Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP)

SMP is the ultimately non-invasive solution to many patients with hair loss. The special non-toxic pigment used is applied to the scalp in the form of small dots between existing hairs to present the illusion of a higher density, or on a totally bald scalp for a shaven look. The recipient only required to keep their hair cut to the right length by using standard hair clippers, face shaver or razor.

For men with early to medium stages of male pattern baldness and women with female pattern hair loss, SMP can be done directly without prior cutting of hairs.

In which cases is SMP recommended?

SMP can be applied in the following cases:

1. Androgenic alopecia: both male and female
2. Surgical scars: FUE or strip surgery
3. Traumatic scars: wound or burn
4. After chemotherapy
5. Alopecia areata, totallis, universalis

How does the process work?

Treatments will be typically spread over 2-3 sessions, each lasting 1-2 hours. There would usually be a gap of a week between the first and second sessions, and another gap of 1-4 weeks between the second and third sessions. This is to allow your pigments to ‘settle’, so that the doctor can see what he is required to do during your next session.

Pigment fading between sessions, and in the 2-3 months after your final session, is normal and expected. This fading process enables your frontal hairline to soften and your dots to shrink, resulting in a naturally-looking head of ‘hair’.

How about the maintenance?

There are four aspects:

1. Man may need to keep their hair shaved.
2. Moisturize daily.
3. Use sunscreen when exposed to strong UV rays for an extended period of time.
4. May need a short refresher session every 4-6 years to add fresh pigment and keep your style looking at its best.

What results are realistically achievable?

Following your treatment, the only people who will find out are those who you choose to tell. Clients are able to return to their workplaces, social circles and families with confidence. Many of our clients even choose not to tell their partners or parents. The results are so realistic, our SMP treatments are on a strictly “need to know” basis.