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Hair Transplantation

Factors to be considered before Hair Transplantation

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1. Extent of Hair Loss
The severity of male pattern baldness is categorised in seven stages, the baldness become more noticeably pronounced from the third stage onwards.

2. Are the hair follicles still intact?
If the hair follicles are still intact, patient can be treated with medicine. If the follicles have already disappeared, treatment with medication does not help much and Hair Transplantation may be the only choice. The hair transplanted from occiput can maintain its characteristics and grow as permanent hair.

3. Age of patients
Prevention is always better than treatment, medical treatment should be started as soon as possible so that more aggressive treatment like Hair Transplantation can we avoided . Hair Transplantation is usually not advised if the patient is very young especially those with stage one or stage two Hair Loss. Sometimes, Hair Transplantation may be more readily indicated in the very young patients only if the Hair Loss has affected their mood, confidence or social life.

4. Actual need of clients
Some people like artists or those who are very obsessive with their appearance may need more aggressive treatment as the external appearance make affect their job security or confidence. Doctors should pay more attention to such group of patients.

Male pattern baldness can be treated with medication or Hair Transplantation. Medication is usually advised for those with very early stages of Hair Loss, and Hair Transplantation may be indicated for those with more advanced stages. However, whether to choose medical or surgical treatment is not rigidly fixed but has to consider all the factors mentioned above. Patient should always make a formal medical consultation so that an informed decision can be reached after a thorough discussion with his doctor.

Kind Reminder

The number of hair needed depends on a specific stage of Hair Loss and the number of hair available over donor area
The level of hairline designated depend on the number of hair available, shape of face and age of patient
Treatment should be initiated as soon as possible
Any further question , Consult your doctor