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The process of Hair Transplantation

The process of Hair Transplantation

Apart from very mild pain during the injection of local anaesthetic, there is almost no pain over the entire surgery. The doctor will first disinfect and inject local anaesthetic, he then use a small punch with a diameter of 1mm or less to extract the hair follicles one by one. After the extraction process, both the doctor and the patient will take a break for a while, then the doctor will implant the hair follicles one by one over the thinning or balding areas. After the surgery, the patient may have slight swelling of the forehead and eyebrows, pain and tightness of the scalp, all these are normal and will subside in a few days. There may also some slight oozing from the donor wound which can readily controlled with pressure gauging. When sleeping, an inclination of 30-45 degrees with the donation site compressing upon the pillow can effectively stop the oozing. Violent tumbling should be avoided by all means.

The transplanted hair follicles are usually fixed within three days of implantation, but it is strongly recommended to take great care to protect them in the first 14 days, avoiding oppression, friction, or strenuous exercise. Two weeks later, the majority of hair follicles become stable , patient can enjoy jogging, cycling and other sports, but should still refrain from swimming and sun exposure. After three to four weeks, the hairs that have entered the degenerative phase will begin to fall out, about sixty to seventy percents of the hair follicles will enter the resting phase within the first three months, the earlier the hairs enter the resting stage, the earlier the hair follicles regrow. 40% of the transplanted hair follicles regrow by 5 months and 70-80% regrow by 8 months. The final result will be witnessed by 12-18 months..