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Male Hair Transplantation

Hairline design

Gentlemen do you have any insight of the shape of your scalp and face? At what stage is your Hair Loss situated? You need to consult a doctor all these before the surgery.

Nowadays somebody wants to have Hair Transplantation to alter the shape of her face,even she has no Hair Loss .So that she looks more beautiful. Therefore different people have different needs depending on what they have and what they want more.

Design of the most appropriate hairline by professional doctor

1. According to the golden ratio revealed by Da Vinci, the head is vertically divided into three equal parts:

  1. From the forehead line to eyebrow.
  2. From the eyebrow to the tip of the nose.
  3. From the tip of the nose to the chin. This ratio determines the level of the forehead line.

2. The hairline is not a horizontal line, and is naturally curved posterior, and being a snake-tract in appearance is the most natural design. Sometimes more hair is implanted in the front and less at the back, and vice versa. Sometimes, the hairs implanted are evenly distributed, but at times, more is put on one side than the other. These all depend on the base density, the amount of available hair for transplantation and the expectation of the patients, thus the design is a very individualized one.

3. The crown area is also a very popular region for implantation; this area needs very accurate angles and directions of implantation to make the growth a very natural one.

Hair transplant to correct different stages of Hair Loss

  1. For the very young group of patients, and early stages of Hair Loss
    It is vigilant to confirm that the patients understand the nature of the surgery and the availability of alternative options. Medications are usually recommended unless some other reasons prompt a surgery to be offered.For instance, the patients is psychologically affected by the Hair Loss,on thick hair is needed for the sustainability of his occupation.
  2. Hairline Recession
    An appropriate level of hairline with full thickness of hair will definitely make people look younger. For people with hairline recession, medications can control further Hair Loss, but only hair transplant can reconstruct the hairline.
  3. Both hairline and crown are affected
    For Patients with more severe type of Hair Loss that affects both hairline and crown areas. Usually both medications and hair transplant are advised. The Hair Loss is so severe that the patient may need two sessions of surgery.
  4. Involvement of crown area
    It is difficult to detect Hair Loss during the early stage and so may miss the chance to offer prompt treatment. Medications and hair transplant are usually advised depending on different severity. Kind Reminder:
  5. 综合型Hair Loss
    综合型Hair Loss为髮线及髮转位置同时稀疏或脱落,一般鼓励用药物治疗及进行Hair Transplantation改善。由於髮线及髮转同时脱落,因需要更多髮量,有机会需要进行两次或以上的Hair Transplantation手术。

Apart from the area of coverage, the thickness of hair is equally important. In selected case,another session of surgery may be needed to achieve better density.