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Factors affecting the result of surgery

Factors affecting the result of surgery

Hair Transplantation is not a means to invent hair, but to redistribute patient’s own hair. It is meant to redistribute patient’s own hair in the most cost-effective way so as to give the best result.

Result of surgery = Extent of Hair Loss + Benefit from surgery

男士Hair Loss
A。The BASIC conditions of patients
- Shape of scalp and face
- Current condition , at what stage the Hair Loss is situated
- Caliber of hair

男士Hair Loss
B。Correction by EXTERNAL means

I. Hair Transplantation (Doctor’s skill)
1. Number of hairs extracted
2. Duration, the faster the better
3. Angles and directions of implantation
4. Locations of implantation

II. Medication (topical and oral)

III. Visual remedies
1. colouring
2. style of hair

Doctor’s experience is the most important factor to determine the success of a surgery. Thus, people need to seek the most experienced doctor when considering Hair Transplantation to give the best result and boost his confidence.

  • For Hair Transplantation, you need to have enough hair from donor area.
  • More hair is needed if the density is sparse and the caliber is thin.
  • If there is not enough hair from donor area, we need to implant the hair in a particular area in a more cost-effective way for a better visual result.
  • Use medication to stop on going Hair Loss, plus surgery for the best result.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor if you have Hair Loss.