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Eyebrows have two important roles. Firstly they protect the eyes from the extreme sunlight, sweat and other debris that fall into the eye. Secondly, they help in the role of facial expression. The eyebrows play an important role in oral communication. When we talk we move not only our mouth but also our eyebrows, all these will help create different human expressions like happiness, anger, pain, sadness. The expression of our emotions significantly influences our daily relations.

Poorly-shaped eyebrows do not give a defined, appealing face; on the other hand well designed eyebrows help the cheekbones stand out, making the face look more charming while at the same time making the eyes look brighter. Well-groomed eyebrows balance the features of the face and frame the eyes

Eyebrow hairs are lost due to different causes: Physical trauma, Local and systemic diseases, birth defects, post-operation and radiotherapy.


Our centre has developed two different eyebrow restoration treatments: (1) Eyebrow transplantation and (2) Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP).

A. Eyebrow transplantation

By means of Hair Transplantation, it is now possible to transplant hair to any part of the body and the face. Transplanted hair follicles are placed one by one by our doctor to match eyebrows. Our doctor totally control the depth, angle and the direction of the implanted hair so as to achieve a nice and natural looking result.

How does eyebrow transplantation work?

1. Our doctor designs the eyebrow according to the needs of each patient.
2. Estimate the number of required hairs needed.
3. The required hair follicles are extracted from the donor area (usually the parietal areas).
4. The extracted hair follicles are placed into eyebrow areas.
5. The hairs grow naturally.

B. Scalp micro-pigmentation

Scalp micro-pigmentation is applied to the eyebrows area, into totally naked skin or between existing hairs, simulating instant high density eyebrows.

Scalp micro-pigmentation is not a process of getting eyebrow tattoo, and does not use materials from permanent makeup. Scalp micro-pigmentation is using a non- toxic pigment, and is performed by a registered medical doctor in such a way to offer an accurate simulation of short hairs.