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Result of surgery
The result is very natural
The growth impermanent
The pain is minimal
The scar is inconspicuous
No extra care needed after hair transplantation.
Hair Loss、hair transplantation、solution

Real Case

Mr.W is a 36-year-old teacher and enjoys sports very much. The thinning hair was embarrassingly prominent when it was wet after a shower,especially after a sport game with friends. This significantly affected his, self-image and confidence. The problem of hair loss is not becoming prominent overnight, but a gradual process,in terms of years. Neglecting the problem will only worsen the situation. Consulting a registered doctor for prompt treatment is the only solution.


Mr. W said, "I did not pay attention to the hair loss, until my wife mentioned that to me. Then I became very concerned about the problem. The thinning made me feel bad and affected my confidence. I felt annoyed and offended if somebody stared at my head persistently. I began searching for different treatments. Fortunately, I chose hair transplantation at the end. The result is great. Now, I enjoy photo taking at different angles. My wife tells me I look younger than my age."